Meet the team

Here at EcoCabs we pride ourselves on our high standards and excellent customer service. We know this couldn’t be done without our hard-working team.

If you are interested in working for ecocabs please apply via the careers page.

Managing Director

EcoCabs Matthew Kirkby

Matthew Kirkby

Date joined: December 2006
Job Title: Managing Director
This involves:

  • Development

  • All things technical

  • Transport operations

  • Overseeing accounts

Best Duty: Anything challenging (finishing ROTA)
Worst Duty: ROTA - Aaahhhhh!!!
Outside of work All things outdoors, walking, mountain marathons, cycling & unfortunately motor racing which most of my life seems to revolve around. Ohh and of course my two dogs Roody and Otto.


EcoCabs Team

Lucas Rowlands

Date joined: November 2012
Job Title: Transport Planning Manager
This involves:

  • Organising everyday company activity

  • Liaising with the council regarding licensing of vehicles

  • Allocation of Local, National & Account work

  • Pricing of same

  • Dealing with driver issues

  • Best Duty: Dealing with the public
    Worst Duty: Dog sitting
    Outside of Work I do my very best to support local pubs or sit quietly in a darkened room with a damp flannel over my eyes wondering where my life went wrong.


EcoCabs Erica

Erica Fox

Date joined: October 2014
Job Title: Transport Planning Assistant
This involves:

  • Assisting Lucas with everyday company activity

  • Liaising with drivers regarding routes/issues

  • A Hackney/Private hire licence also sees me stepping into the role as an EcoCabs Driver

Best Duty: Liaising with the general public and our drivers
Worst Duty: Driving in Snow
Outside of Work: I can be seen pounding the pavement in my attempt to keep fit enough to run the occasional half-marathon. All things equestrian and theatrical are a passion of mine.

EcoCabs Team

Catherine McGowan

Date joined: October 2016
Job Title: Tourism Marketing and Business Co-ordinator
This involves:

  • Managing social media

  • Marketing

  • Website content

  • Package holiday creation

  • Admin tasks

Best Duty: Writing content
Worst Duty: Editing images
Outside of work Out of work you can find me taking my black Labrador, Oliver, out on long walks taking advantage of the Northumbrian countryside.


EcoCabs Bruce

Bruce Jameson

Date joined: September 2012
Job Title: Head Driver and Trainer
This involves:

  • Driving all vehicles within the fleet

  • Route planning for new contracts

  • New driver induction

  • Tool box talks and regular driver assessments

  • Day to day maintenance/upkeep of vehicles and property

Best Duty: Driving in beautiful areas of our country
Worst Duty: Changing car light bulbs and being the bosses gopher
Outside of work Out of work you will find me, as often as possible, on my motorbike exploring the back roads of Northumberland, Cumbria and Scotland as well as mainland Europe or watching the back episodes of Game of Thrones.


Roody Boxer EcoCabs

Roody Kirkby

Date joined: November 2012
Job Title: Head of Security
This involves:

  • Barking at passersby

  • Checking all incoming drivers for food

  • Sleeping in the most awkward places

  • Keeping my junior operative in line

  • Car Cleaner

Best Duty: Bouncing
Worst Duty: Being left behind by my Dad
Outside of work Out of work you can find me trekking the fields and and lanes around my home and chasing the occasional obliging rabbit.

Otto Doberman EcoCabs

Otto Kirkby

Date joined: March 2016
Job Title: Junior Security Operative
This involves:

  • Generally being a nuisance

  • Opening all security doors when they shouldn’t be opened

  • Acting as a living paper shredder

  • Re-enacting scenes from the tunnel digging episodes of Colditz

  • Car Dirtier

  • Best Duty: Digging
    Worst Duty: Day off
    Outside of work Out of work you can find me trekking the fields and lanes around my home and making Roody's life a misery.