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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

EcoCabs is one of the North East’s leading green transport providers. In order to honour our environmental policy we are continuously striving to incorporate the newest green technologies into our company and its day to day running and thus, Environmentally friendly Policy

Environmental Policies for our fleet:

Bio diesel Fleet:
Bio diesel is an alternative fuel made primarily from vegetable oil or oil from animal fat. It is produced by reacting such oils with alcohol, and was formulated exclusively for diesel engines. The pros of using bio diesel as opposed to fossil fuels are as follows:

  1. It is cleaner than diesel – Bio diesel reduces emissions of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and particulate matter.
  2. It is Renewable – Its plant based, therefore what is used can be re grown.
  3. It gives your engine a longer life – Bio diesel is a natural lubricant. Because of the environmental benefits of using bio diesel, EcoCabs is committed to running all our vehicles using it.

Eco Tyres:
We are currently in the process of fitting all our vehicles with Eco tyres. They are built to have low rolling resistance, which means that they minimize the energy wasted as heat as the tyre rolls down the road, thus improving fuel efficiency. In addition to this they are also built to sustain a higher mileage than usual tyres, meaning less waste. Lastly, because of their design they also help minimise noise pollution.

Environmentally Conscious Cars:
In both our executive branch and our day to day taxi service we have chosen cars that are the most friendly to our environment. For our standard taxi’s we have the Skodia Octavia Green Line. This is relatively new to the market and is purpose built to emit low amounts of CO2, they have managed to get it below the governments requirements of 120 to 114g per km of CO2. New to our fleet we are implementing them over time, with the aim of replacing the entire fleet with them eventually. In our executive branch we have opted to use various models from the Mercedes range. The Mercedes E and S classes are over 75% recyclable and are considerably greener than any other vehicle in their ranking as they are far less damaging to the environment.

Environmental Policies for our office: Eco Font:
In order to cut down on the amount of ink used in our busy office we have installed Eco Font into our printers. During the printing process, Eco Font ‘shoots’ holes into the letters that have been typed saving up to 25% on ink or toner.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs
Energy saving light bulbs use a different technology that enables them to produce a highly efficient and compact light using a faction of the energy. With this they cut energy wastage by over three quarters and last up to 12 times longer than their inefficient counterparts.

100% Recycled Paper and Envelopes
Over 35% of tree’s felled are for industrialized paper making. This has a big impact on both the environment both because of the process and because the waste such volumes produce. In order to lower our own impact, here at Eco Cabs we use only 100% recycles paper. The benefits of recycled paper can be seen in the example below: – Recycling 1 short ton of paper saves 17 mature trees, 7 thousand US gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, 2 barrels of oil and 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity (which is enough energy to power the average American home for six months.)

Off Setting Emissions:
To off set emissions we are currently undertaking a scheme in tree planting. Supporting local charities, we have measured our companies emissions and in an attempt to capture and store some of our unavoidable emissions we have donated trees to create a new native woodland.

In both our office and our fleets yard we are committed to recycling every thing possible. This includes all envelopes and letters sent to us, our food waste and our rubbish. In terms of our vehicles, we also recycle our used tyres.

Cycling to Work Scheme
We have signed up all our workers to a cycling to work scheme. This is part of the governments green transport plan that aims to promote healthier journeys to work and reducing environmental pollution. By taking part, our employees reduce their own carbon foot print and our companies.

Our Staff
Here at EcoCabs our company is built on the ethos of helping reduce both our own and the publics carbon foot prints. Because of this our employees are highly educated in effective ways of aiding in protecting the environment. On a daily basis we are conscious of turning all our lights, standbys and office equipment off when we go home. We also recycle all the paper we use and are conscious of using the internet where possible instead of letters.

Charities we donate to:
We think that as a business it is very important to give back to the community that supports you. Because of this, when were are able we make to donations to charities that we feel reflect our own beliefs. These include; Northumberland Wildlife Trust, Young Enterprise North East and the U.K charities RSPB and Woodland Trust.

The 21st century can arguably be defined by the pressing issues of climate change and protecting our environment. Weighing heavily on our conscious is the fact that we have depleted our natural resources and used them so extensively that pollution is now a hot topic. We can no longer sustain the level of natural resources we use today, and moreover, we can no longer preserve our planet for future generations. Indeed, if we are going to attempt to reverse the damage we have to start now.

The alternatives are plentiful. Sustainable energy such as bio fuels, solar power, wind power and so forth, are unlike fossil fuels in that they are renewable resources. Relieving the impact on the environment of fossil fuels, these renewable resources can and should be used for everyday functions. And whilst they are indeed different to their counterparts this does not mean that they aren’t as accessible. They ultimately provide us with the option of maintaining our standard of living whilst being efficient and environmentally sound.

Our biggest contribution to the ongoing issues of climate change is our decision to run our taxi’s on the sustainable energy; bio diesel. As transport is a key issue in the debate concerning our environment, we feel that as a company within the transport industry it is important to take the initiative in cutting down carbon emissions. Sourcing our bio diesel locally we are able to substantially lower our vehicles emissions whilst using a fuel that is recyclable and renewable. And, importantly, we do all of this whilst still providing our customers with vehicles that are top of the range. Indeed our choice provides our companies future and the publics with the longevity that can only be achieved through the use of renewable resources.

Finally, as a modern and innovative company, we at EcoCabs feel that we reiterate through our businesses existence that protecting the environment does not come at the cost of modern day living. We are constantly striving to find the most efficient green technologies available that, contrary to public concerns, enable us to run our firm efficiently whilst providing a professional service. Thus, allowing us to offer first class transport to our clients at a lower cost to our environment.