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Luxury Minibuses and Mini Bus Hire

Luxury Minibus Hire Service – Newcastle, Hexham, Northumberland and Surrounding Areas.

Luxury minibus hireEcocabs have a luxury Mercedes minibus fleet, tailored to our first class transport service. We have many executive customers, with both private and business minibus account, and we frequently provide prestige vehicles for a variety of corporate functions, weddings and special occasions. Distance is no object and waiting time can be figured in to your individual quote. You may go racing in Ripon, golfing in Gloucester, watch football in Fulham. Perhaps you have a wedding in Wales or a party in Prudhoe!

Our minibus service covers Newcastle, Hexham, Northumberland, Durham and many other areas throughout the Northeast.

We offer mini bus throughout the UK, and offer both luxury and cheap minibus hire with a driver. If you are looking for a minibus with driver for hire then EcoCabs are the company for you. Ecocabs are number one for minibus rentals in the UK.

Our 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 24 and 25 Seater Minibuses

We have a fleet of minibuses ranging from an 8 seater minibus up to a 25 seater minibus. We are a luxury services at cheap prices and supply the whole of the UK. If you are looking for 16 seater minibus hire service then EcoCab are the company that can supply your need. We have drivers who are trained in all aspects of mini bus driving.

Our luxury minibuses are all top end vehicles and we provide a highly competitively priced luxury minibus service.

If you require a luxury minibus and would like a quote then call 01434 600 600 now.

What Services We Provide

Short breaks or corporate events (Official Meetings and Dinners)
Local domestic national and European travel
Specialists in the planning & management of large scale movements
MiniCoach Hire in Newcastle
MiniCoach Hire Services
Honeymoon Travel Service
MiniCoach Hire for Wedding
Educational Tours and Trips
Corporate and private contracts on coach hire that includes (Minibus and Van’s)
Travel and Tours in the North East
Coach hire for movie (film) shootings in the UK and Europe
Coach Hire for Airport Transfer in Newcastle, UK and all European Destinations

Journeys We Have Done Throughout This Year

Newcastle to Manchester
Newcastle to Blackpool
Newcastle to Heathrow Airport
Newcastle to Glasgow
Newcastle to Edinburgh
Newcastle to Leeds
Carlisle to Newcastle
Carlisle to Gretna
Hexham to Stanstead Airport
Hexham to Liverpool
Hexham to Morpeth
Hexham to Newcastle

Why Hire A Mini Bus?

Are you traveling with a group that has more than five people? If so, you may need to consider a mini bus hire in the United Kingdom. This is a logical decision because it can be very difficult to manage a group of that size in a smaller vehicle. Hiring multiple vehicles or using taxis for transportation can become costly, and the expense can ruin a budget. Instead of relying on multiple vehicles, you can hire a mini bus and let a chauffeur drive you and your group around while you sit and relax as your group is transported inexpensively.

This type of hire is not as expensive as many people believe. It can become expensive trying to book train or bus tickets for everyone in a group, and this is why more people are beginning to see the advantage of hiring a mini bus. These chartered hires can accommodate as many as 16 people, and depending on where you are traveling, more passengers can be placed in the vehicle.

Many companies offer bulk rates, but even these rates cannot equal to the affordable rates that you can secure by booking a mini bus hire.

Mini buses also have amenities that are not available in vehicles that are smaller in size. The first amenity that you will notice is the amount of space that is in a mini bus. Your group can travel comfortably without being crowded.

Air conditioning, reclining seats and extra legroom are other amenities that you and your group can enjoy. These amenities can help make the trip even more comfortable. There are some mini buses that have washrooms and restrooms. This will allow you to travel without having to stop and take a break.

When you choose a mini bus charter, you will have the additional advantage of having a chauffeur to drive you from one location to another. The driver will arrive on time, and the drivers will be well aware of the local roads. The driver will know the best route to get you where you want to go safely. The drivers are trained to help you arrive at your destination on time.

The space that is located in the cargo area is another benefit of choosing a mini bus hire in the United Kingdom. This space is perfect if you and your group are traveling with lots of luggage. The area can also help you move objects or people around easier and more safely.

The overhead compartments offer additional storage space, and this allows you to store and carry more than you would be able to with different types of vehicles. The driver who is transporting you and your group will also make sure that your luggage is stored and transported safely.

A mini bus hire is one of the most cost effective and reliable methods of transportation if you are traveling with a group of people. A chauffeured driven hire will allow you to relax and spend time with your friends and family while you are enjoying the trip.