As the COVID -19 crisis continues Ecocabs taxis hexham is committed to adopting as many methods as possible to minimise  the spread of the virus.

We have a reputation for having clean vehicles but we are going the extra mile now.

Each vehicle is disinfected after each journey  and deep cleaned at the end of every shift with NHS approved disinfectant.

Drivers have been issued with a virus prevention pack  which include gloves, hang gel, n95 masks, NHS approved disinfectant and wipes.

We are introducing partitioning screens to  our vehicles reducing the possible contact between driver and passengers to a minimum.


taxi covid 19



Please do not travel or book a taxi if you or any member of your household is displaying or have displayed any symptoms of the virus within the last 7 days.

Only book journeys in accordance with government social distancing rules  for critical work, essential food shopping or medical reasons.

On entering the taxi  please use the hand sanitiser provided  should you need to cough or sneeze  during the journey please use a hankie  provided and take it with you on leaving the vehicle.

Payment can still be made in cash  please go to the front passenger window to make payment .

Why not download our app its simple to register and simple to use and you can pay by card for each journey.

This latest health crisis has been a particularly difficult experience for everyone in the country.

At Ecocabs we are always striving to be ahead  in all aspects of the taxi business . Over the last year we have made many improvements to our working practices.

Which means we are in a strong place to deal with the challenges the Corona virus has thrown at us.

Our latest technology software and cloud computing  means we have been able to continue offering a first class service whilst our office staff work remotely from home.

If this is to be the ”new normal” then Ecocabs are well placed to make that adjustment.

Our latest app is a great addition to our  systems especially in these times when the exchange of cash can be a worry.

Simply by downloading  and registering you can pay for each journey remotely by card  (you don’t even have to have it with you)

Ecocabs prides itself on caring and now more than ever we can deliver a safe and efficient taxi service to the people of  Tynedale.

Stay safe and well from all at ecocabs.

To view our policy please see link here