Our workshop is situated in the middle of Hexham, next to our Head Office.

In the last twelve months we have completely refurbished the workshop building and installed a range of new and additional equipment.

We now undertake all our servicing and maintenance in-house, led by our own full-time mechanic.    This brings a number of benefits that help us deliver the best possible service to our customers.

  • We can schedule all our vehicle servicing to best suit our operational needs and minimise vehicle down time
  • Breakdowns can be prioritised and dealt with swiftly meaning we always have the maximum possible number of vehicles on the road
  • We can ensure our safety inspection schedule is always up to date and VOSA compliant
  • We can select products that are as environmentally friendly as possible and we can ensure we dispose of our waste responsibly

We use a specialist fleet management software package to help ensure we keep all our vehicles maintained to the highest standards.  As well as scheduling the necessary maintenance tasks and recording their completion, the software monitors fuel efficiency and records safety inspections.

Next to the workshop is the vehicle cleaning bay.  This is equipped with an industrial vehicle jet-wash that allows us to keep all our vehicles looking their best.  We pride ourselves on having the cleanest fleet on the road and every vehicle is cleaned every day.