Reivers Cycle Route – Tynemouth to Whitehaven/Workington

The Reivers Cycleway is a bi-directional route, built by custodians under the supervision of Sustrans – A UK walking & cycling charity – of 173 miles. Since the Reivers Cycle Route’s construction in 1998, this has been an increasingly popular alternate route to the greater known C2C. More riders are discovering this as a quieter, more peaceful adventure, that maintains the same thrill desired by keen adventurers. 

The Route

This route flows seamlessly through quiet roads and urban landscape, before emerging into open countryside, with awe inspiring views of the broad green slopes. The ascents provide many picturesque rest-stops and photograph opportunities should you desire.

Starting in the picturesque seafront village of Tynemouth, you will begin your journey along the predominantly flat and comfortably metropolitan roads, with fine views across the River Wear. The pathways will then take you across exposed countryside along the bridleways of the the Waskerley Way and onto Stanhope Moor. The rolling trail will bring you through to the magnificent Kielder water and Forest, where you can enjoy the serene woodland area, breath in the clean fresh air of the English countryside and watch fish jumping across the reservoir. There is a bounty of tea rooms, coffee shops, pubs and restaurants to visit for refreshments. You could stop at Wafflemeister and delight in their choice of 16 ice cream flavours. Or you can discover the panoramic waterside views from the Boat Inn whilst enjoying traditional pub food or a light snack. 

Following the forest trail you will briefly cross into the border of Scotland, before descending down the Valley of the beautifully shaded River Lyne. Bubbling over rocks and branches, this will lead you into the peaceful parish village of Westlington and onto the Cathedral City of Carlisle. Ride along the rippling River Caldew and onto the ancient bustling market town of Cockermouth. Here you could visit the stunning gardens of Wordsworth house or peer through the gates at the 13th Century Cockermouth Castle, before immersing yourself into the tales of the towns past covering the History Wall. This is where you can learn about the ancient Romans who settled here – right through to the devastating floods of 2009. 

For the final leg of the journey, you will glide around the Northern edge of the Lake District, where you can take in the immense views of the rugged fell mountains which paint the backdrop of the 16 lakes (including the beautiful Lake Windermere). Following the route 72 into the georgian coastal town of Whitehaven you can enjoy a well earned drink in one of the many sea front bars and restaurants. The Harbour Master Coffee House and Bar comes highly recommended as a small, friendly, comfortable setting overlooking the harbour. 

You could alternatively follow route 71 into the coastal town and civil parish of Workington. Whilst visiting the town, you can head to the beautifully preserved ruins of Workington Hall, a Grade I listed building on the fringe of the town, surrounded by landscaped gardens and close to a superb not-for-profit pottery project house, where you can purchase a memento of your journey. Finally, relax and enjoy a well earned drink in one of the many bars and restaurants in the town centre. The Moon & Sixpence is a fantastic little independent coffee shop, a perfect place to visit if you need a little sugar after your adventure, with a huge choice of organic homemade cakes and breads, they have a passion to be eco friendly, just like us!

There are many route numbers which contribute to this spectacular cycle journey, including; 7,10, 68, 71 and 72. Route 10 is often selected as a favourite amongst locals as being a less populated trail, with the majority of its jaunt across the North English border with Scotland. This area is enriched with history and gets its name from the Border Reivers rades in the 13th century, where the land was troubled by robbery, cattle rustling, kidnap and murder!

What We Can Offer

  • Bike transfer from Newcastle Central Station to Tynemouth harbour to start your trip (other pick up locations available on request)
  • All baggage transfers between accommodation
  • Route Maps and GPX file
  • List of bike shops and places to visit en-route
  • Phone support available from 7am to 10pm daily
  • Emergency support – to help you in your moment of need
  • Transfer from Whitehaven or Workington to Newcastle at the end of the experience
  • Transfer for riders and bikes to your home or accommodation

Route Highlights

  • Usually ridden East to West, taking advantage of the kinder gradients, with longer downhill sections and shorter uphills
  • Travel through quaint villages, historic market towns and bustling cities
  • Experience the wonder that is Kielder Water and Forest 
  • Journey through the unspoiled Northumberland landscapes, taking in some of the most dramatic and wild countryside in England

Why Choose Reivers Cycle Route?

  • It provides an interesting and quiet alternative route which passes through glorious countryside, historic market towns and alongside picturesque rivers
  • The scenery is superb throughout and the hills more manageable than the popular C2C, making it accessible to a greater range of fitness levels

Accommodation Recommendations

The Reivers Cycle route can take anywhere between 1 to 3 days to complete.  It is important that your evening accommodation is reached in a safe, enjoyable manner, therefore we can provide you with a few recommendations for you to consider depending on your planned daily mileage. 

ecocabs and ecocabs cycles work both in the public and private sectors, working with some of the largest employers in the North East. We can offer accommodation booking and full package services but unfortunately only with corporate clients due to the hands-on approach we take in all aspects of our business.   If you would like to know more about  ecocabs cycles corporate support please see here.


Areas covered

  • Whitehaven
  • Workington
  • Cockermouth
  • Calbeck
  • Newlands
  • Buckabank
  • Dalston
  • Carlisle
  • Rockcliffe
  • Westlinton
  • Hethersgill
  • Bewcastle
  • Newcastleton
  • Kielder
  • Falstone
  • Bellingham
  • Redesmouth
  • Throckrington
  • Little Bavington
  • Matfen
  • Ingoe
  • Stamfordham
  • Ponteland
  • Dinnington
  • Seaton Burn
  • Covalt
  • Tynemouth